How to Become a Good Violinist

If you love music, you must have come across great violin pieces. Have you ever asked yourself how they can play the piece so effortlessly yet so beautifully? The most obvious reason is that they have spent hours on end trying to perfect this art without giving up. The violin is becoming a popular instrument to learn because of bands like Coldplay and great personalities like Lana Del Rey. If you are interested in learning the violin, this article enumerates some essential tips that will help you to become an excellent violinist.

Take Your Time to Practice

artistIt is important to spare a few minutes of your day to practice the instrument even if you have a busy schedule. Even a little practice will help you to go a long way. This is because regular practice helps to build the muscles and it also significantly aids in muscle memory. Even when you exercise the muscles, it becomes easy to practice for more extended sessions over time. If you are a beginner, you can play the muscle strings as you progress over time.

Be Passionate

A violin is a beautiful instrument and a beautiful work of art. If you want to be good at it, being passionate about it will significantly help. If you love what you are doing, looking forward to doing it will be natural, and that is how you will get better at it.

Bowing Technique

ladyThis technique entails long and full bows that are on the open strings for about five to ten minutes each time you practice. This exercise is not only limited to beginners as it can work wonders on the advanced violinists as well. When doing this, ensure that your eyes are on the bow and that it is straight. While doing this ensure that it is moving slow and steady all through. You can do this on one or two strings.

Play With a Buddy

There is a new technique called the bow buddy. It can be found on Amazon and other music stores. It comes in two pieces, but most people prefer the smallest piece. It helps to enable students to quickly learn to hold the bow in the right manner as they begin to build the needed muscles. It is an excellent tool because it allows for beginners to learn the instrument faster and better.…

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