Main Features of Melody Songs

There are different types of songs. Well-composed songs sound great. This write up is going to share the essential qualities of song melodies. This will help you in identifying and writing melodies that are unique and firmly connected to the audiences. Songwriters who are experiencing problems can find the missing elements by looking over the essential qualities of good songs. Outlined here below are the essential qualities of these melodies:

They Show a Clear Sign of Design and Shape

Good song melodies have distinct shapes which can be drawn as lines. This is something that can be noticed easily over the song’s length. Once you look at the individual lines, you will realize that they show a large-scale outline. For instance, they can switch to the opposite direction or move in a particular direction. The visible part of the design is an essential aspect of ballad melodies.

They Move Step by Step

melody songs

Good melodies move step by step. Stepwise melodies move from one note to another, either below or above. They are also known for having occasional melody leaps. Singing the stepwise melodies is easy. However, too much stepwise motions should be avoided as this can make them more predictable. The song energy is negatively affected by too much predictability. This is an issue that can be solved by occasion melodic leaps. The upward leaps are helpful in generating melodic energy and increasing the audience interests.

They Partner Well with Chord Progressions and Lyrics

This is very important in melodies. Every melody must take into consideration the chord and lyrics of the moment for it to get connected to the audience. For instance, you must place emotional lyrics high in your melody for it to make a substantial impact.

They use Repetition


Repetition is one of the essential elements of its design. It should be used well to offer the required sense of predictability. This is a critical part of strong melodies. Listeners find it challenging to remember songs that have no or little repetition. Melodies that mix repeated and new materials are generally attractive.

They Include Climactic Moments

This is an essential feature of ballad melodies and other types of songs. These moments act as “mountain peaks,” so to speak. A climactic moment is a part that contributes to the strong sense of the song’s structure. It is mainly reflected in the overall contour of the song.…

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